Special End of Year Offer

December Special Offer

Are you being blasted with Special Offers?  I know I am!  And I want to add this for your consideration!

For every website sale for the month of December, we are doing a free social media setup of 2 social accounts. This includes things like:

  • Design and upload your custom banner
  • Upload your logo or other Image
  • Upload page info (website, address, contact info, business hours)
  • Setup of admin/managers
    Claiming your pages (if needed)
  • Claiming your pages (if needed)
  • Add Call to Action buttons (if desired): Connect email and phone support, connect messenger,
  • Install Signup Form (if required)
  • Upload your photos (if needed)
  • Upload 1 Video (if the client has available)
  • Add 3 starter posts

Please contact me here by phone or text 0403 365 370 to set up a Special offer

OR via the contact page on this website

Cheers  Rob