Expert Leadership Ideas On Business Goal Setting!

What?  Why? How? When? Who? … I ask YOU! – what are the ‘expert leadership ideas on business goal setting’?


I want to share with you a somewhat different mix of ideas. Philosophical, systems, planning from questions asked, wisdom based and action-oriented.

It`s likely each of us in our life journey will have our own ideas. Each of us will call on our life and business experiences. For entrepreneurs and people in the business world, we will have our ‘own take.’ We all need to survive!

Where do we go to get the wisdom we need?

We are edging closer to the middle of the 2019 year?  It`s a great time to question and review personal goals, business goals, and life goals?

But the biggie for me is! “How Happy are we, How Happy are You?” Does anyone ever ask you how happy you are? Do you ask anyone how happy are they?  mmmm!

I`ve chosen to lean on a few learn-ed Business Masters and Coaches, Systems Experts, Philosophers, and Academics. People I respect, people who are leaders. People who have impacted me.



They are Dan Sullivan, Martine Seligman, Brian P. Morgan, and Michael Lennington, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Matthieu Ricard.  Some names you will quickly recognize, others will likely be new to you?

Together they’re a formidable combination. Together they offer a significant Framework and Vision for Life and business going forward.

There are the ideas and thoughts in our mind, emotions that thrill or depress us!  There are the actions we take that help us achieve  – or they don’t!   The Visions we have that can get flakey and crumble! Our positive ideas can dissolve into….

Dr.Wayne W. Dyer states “You are the sum total of all the choices up until this moment.”

In Australia, we are coming to the end of our Financial year – June 30. So everyone needs to get busy gathering financial papers together, ready to submit them to their accountant and to the tax commissioner.

What better time for business people to have another look at their progress so far! Reflection of goals and strategies, Systems, Income and expenses, staff matters, Marketing and more.

Have you or are you on track with your key performance indicators? What needs to be celebrated? What needs an overhaul?  “Will you achieve it”?  “What is IT, for you”?


What a perfect time to do a review?

🙂 In a World of a Billion Answers, It`s One Special Question That Makes All The Difference!
The Dan Sullivan Question is Like a Swiss Army Knife, an All-Purpose Tool For Building Relationships, Creating Value and Providing Leadership. (David Diesslin)

Dan Sullivan`s, Master Coach of Business Entrepreneurs penned this question to people in a mastermind group.  It goes to the point about being an action taker and much more!

His question to business owners goes like this…
“If we were having this discussion three years from today, and you were looking back over those three years, what has to have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy with your progress?” 

I`ve written a post recently on this same topic.  ➡️

😄 In “The 12 Week Year”, New York Times Bestseller by Brian P. Morgan and Michael Lennington, the authors detail a process forged in the field of Sports, used by world-class athletes and now transformed for business.

The 12 Week Year incorporates the proven disciplines and principles of effective execution into the context of 12-week execution cycles. That`s about taking back control of your day, increasing your income and accomplishing your goals in record time. If you had followed their system you would now be reviewing the second of four twelve week blocks, ready to move to the third block – biting off chunks towards years end. (without the big rush at the end of the year)

😄 Matthieu Ricard, in his book, “Happiness – A Guide To Developing Life`s Most Important Skill”. Happiness is surely everyone’s life ambition, irrespective of how we each earn our money?

I heard Matthieu address a conference in Sydney a few years ago. He combines the talents of a philosopher and of a scientist, to produce a rigorous and compelling analysis of his subject.

He reminds us that to change as individuals is also ultimately, to change the world.

“It`s a brilliant synthesis of twenty-five centuries of the wisdom of Buddhism with the neuroscience and cognitive psychology of the twenty-first century.

Matthieu Ricard, who embodies both traditions, gives humanity a gift it desperately needs now: a vision of a positive human future”. Martin Seligman, author of ‘Authentic Happiness’. 😄


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