10 Rules For Success In Life and Business

What a down to earth man with a desire to succeed in life and business, who studied for years is willing to share with us!  “10 Rules for Success In Life and Business” from Seth Godin. Enjoy his experiences, his successes, his failures, and his wisdom!


“This isn`t about waiting for the right answer because there is no right answer. There are challenges we can sign up for and emotions we can experience.”   a nugget of wisdom from Seth.

Life and business is indeed an experience, a challenge, an adventure, and a journey of self-discovery!

In business, it can be risky when deciding to invest that hard-earned money in a new venture, a new product line or to build a digital footprint.

The money you have that took all that time and all that energy and commitment accumulating can be at risk!!   Bravery and courage are needed!  Change is always a challenge, both mentally and emotionally.  Don`t you agree?


Participating in the Digital world means there`s much to know and much to do?  Yet we all know it`s an essential ingredient for business growth and success.   (NB: My bonus PDF gives a brief summary of your journey through the bare essentials of the digital world).


Here is Seth Godin`s list of 10 essential rules for SUCCESS!

1. Put in hours   2. Take responsibility    3. Just get on the damn horse     4. Make change happen          5. Be willing to fail     6. Blog       7. Act like a non-commodity      8. Be different      9. Treat different people differently      10. Seize the moment –   = BONUS =- * Dance with the fear * Be in constant reinvention   * Seek out things you were wrong about.


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